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Friday, November 27, 2009

D.B. news: Tony royster Jr in Brooklyn on 12/3

Tony Royster, although no longer the "little man" we remember from that PAS convention in Orlando way back when... he is rumored to be in Brooklyn NY for the drumoff competition on december 3rd, and various other drumoffs 2009. we know these drumoffs can be commercially motivated, political, and contain a mysterious judging rubric, or lets just say a blatant way to sell drums. However, we thought we would post the event for those who haven't seen tony play live like some of us who did nearly ten years ago. one funny story at PAS, tony waited to sit in all night on the jam session and stood by the bandstand watching joe porcaro, steve smith, etc. and countless other drummers sit in. At the end of the night, they gave the kid a chance around 1am. well, this kid pretty much tore it up, with a bit of flashiness as any kid would do. we remember him throwing a few stick tricks in there and trying to pull out a lot of "young" tony williams at the time. wish we had a picture of tony sitting there all night, and just staring at every single drummer until he got his chance to bust out every lick he knew. meanwhile, at the bar that night was terri bozzio, vinnie colaiuta, and tony mangini!

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