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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video clip of the day - dhol vs. car alarm


Saturday, October 4, 2008

welcome to drumblogs!

welcome to drumblogs
this is a blog dedicated to drums, drumming, percussion education and all related to drums & percussion.
besides performing and teaching in the new york area, i have been working on educational materials for drumming. i also have found time to study rhythms from a handful of different countries.
there is just so much out there, it is incredible what you can get your hands on these days.
some recent news:
-PAS convention is on Austin, TX
- the newsite with the url-, will be coming soon
(a shorter way to get to this blog)
so please join in and feel free to share your world of drumming.
drum on~

Friday, October 3, 2008

modern drummer festival 2008

MD 2008
it would difficult to say what the highlight was of the fest, but must say that ndugu chancler layed out some of his drum wisdom, which was practical -how to lay it down and make it work for the particular song.  he also played with more dynamics than most and played with the acoustics (in mind) of the "echoey" puchase college auditorium. gavin harrison played some intricate odd time grooves and played some of his new tracks. bill stewart, closing the festival, was swinging, even though part of the audience fell off at the end of the evening sunday.

some video here:

click here video highlights

PAS is around the corner, Austin TX  in November
now this is one of the best percussionist hangs. it you have not been, its worth checking out.
way more diverse that most, and covers a wide array of classsical, marching, drumset, frames, and hand percussion.
(and oh yeah, its kind of surreal to be at the hotel lounge having a discussion with terri bozzio while vinnie, joe porcaro, arnie lang are nearby discussing the latest innovations....)