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Monday, December 7, 2009

got cymbals, hey what about rivets?

Just when you thought, where can i find me some brass bosphorus rivets or some light ones? and what about ordering some nice sounding cymbals online?
Looks like has filled a void. Good site too --
They even include a separate sound file for each cymbal! remember the days of listening to the cymbal over the phone "before you buy" from someone? well, those days are passé with this cymbal shop. (funny that i even did a few times!)

Heres some news from the site:
"A bit about us and why we're here- ..Let me first say that I love playing drums. I love cymbals. It has been a lifelong search for me to obtain the perfect equipment. In a small town, it's difficult to audition cymbals - especially ones from specialty manufacturers. I became enamored with Istanbuls many years ago when I went to music college in Boston. These discs were amazing, but were still hard to find. I wanted to become a dealer so that I could increase my exposure, and try out as many as I liked. Picking and choosing as I bought and sold. Since I also enjoy sharing what I've learned with other drummers, I thought it would be a great idea to record sound examples as inventory came in."

think drummers will come back to this site often~
- kudos

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